Get Involved in Community Science!  – Want to get involved in community-based research but don’t know where to start?  This power point presentation will give you some tips on how how to get started!

Thoms, C., C.C. Corkran, and D.H. Olson. 1997. Basic amphibian survey for inventory and monitoring in lentic habitats. pp.35-46. In D.H. Olson, W.P. Leonard, and R.B. Bury, eds. Sampling Amphibians in Lentic Habitats: Methods and Approaches for the Pacific Northwest. Northwest Fauna No.4. Society for Northwestern Vertebrate Biology. Olympia, WA. – This is a publication of the Society for Northwestern Vertebrate Biology (Society for Northwest Vertebrate Biology ). The price is $12 which includes shipping.

Corkran, C.C. 2004. Birds in Nest Boxes: How to Help, Study, and Enjoy Birds when Snags Are Scarce. Naturegraph Publishers, Happy Camp, CA. – The retail price is $15.95, but you can purchase this book directly through NERI for $14 plus $2 S&H. Send us an e-mail to put in your order!

Corkran, C.C. and C. Thoms. 1996. Amphibians of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia: A Field Identification Guide3rd revised and updated Edition. Lone Pine Publ., Edmonton, AB. 176 pp. – This regional guide to local amphibian species is newly back in print!  Please order through your local independent bookstore or a non-profit gift shop such as Audubon Society of Portland  or Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve.

Steps for Beginning Birders – What to start learning to identify birds, but don’t know where to get started?  Here’s a guide just for you!