In One Yard: Close to Nature

In One Yard: Close to Nature

by Warren A. Hatch

In One Yard: Close to Nature book coverIn this book we meet some of the common wildlife in one urban yard in Portland, Oregon.

This book includes more than 500 color photos (all taken by the author) accompanied by text which tells a bit about the lives of the diverse organisms seen. Common creatures when seen up close are often surprisingly beautiful, and their lives are fascinating and complex. We see the rows of tiny black teeth which a tadpole uses to scrape algae off pond plants and then eat (page 17). We get so close to a dragonfly that we can see the lenses on its compound eyes (page 21).

It is hoped that this book might inspire you to get out and explore the small creatures in your yard, garden, compost pile, schoolyard, garage, or kitchen sink, and to take a closer look at these creatures through a magnifying glass, an illuminated magnifier, or a microscope. Once you discover the beauty of these creatures which is only revealed through illuminated magnification, you will have an endless source of satisfaction and discovery, and will experience the joy of learning about the lives of the barely visible organisms that live all around us. An annotated bibliography of more than 100 superb books invites the reader to learn much more about the creatures seen. Scientific names (when known) and a detailed index are also included.

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Reviews & Accolades:

“…splendid book. It spurs me on.”
– David Attenborough

“Living organisms take on a personality when observed closely for several minutes, and this beautiful work demonstrates that characteristic… What you can see with a microscope! Highly recommended.”
– Carolyn B. Black, Ph.D.

“In beautiful, full-color macrophotography, Hatch takes readers on a micro safari through his own backyard, which is only 1/6 acre… Recommended. Lower-division undergraduates and general readers.”
– Tara L Bal, Ph.D.

“Warren Hatch’s impressive and attractive book is written from a fascinating perspective… His well-researched and informative… book allows readers to take a tour of his garden and develop a greater appreciation for creatures that are generally taken for granted.”
– Sally Peterson