Our Board Members

NERI Board Members, Officers and Term Expiration Dates

The Northwest Ecological Research Institute is entirely a volunteer organization. It has no employees and it does not pay the members of its Board of Directors. Its projects are carried out by independent contractors and volunteers.

Mirth Walker, Interim President, Senior Wetland Scientist, SWCA Environmental Consultants, November 2022

Teresa DeLorenzo, Vice President / Treasurer, Independent wildlife consultant, November 2021

Charlotte C. Corkran, Vice President / Co-Secretary, Independent wildlife consultant, November 2022

Michelle Devlaeminck, Co-Social Media Manager, Student, Washington State University, November 2021

Laura Guderyahn, Co-Social Media Manager, Natural Resource Ecologist, Portland Parks and Recreation, November, 2021 

Emilie Blevins, Senior Conservation Biologist, The Xerces Society,     November, 2022

Eric Butler,  Freelance ecologist, November, 2020

Paul Dickinson, Science teacher, retired, November, 2020

Ashley Smithers, Resource Specialist, Clark Conservation Dist., November 2020

Honorary Lifetime Board Member:    Donna Lusthoff, Naturalist