The purpose of NERI is to further knowledge of Pacific Northwest natural history through research, training, and dissemination of information.

Since 1985, NERI associates have led a variety of research, conservation and education projects including:

  • Conducting surveys and research on chickadees, bluebirds, Purple Martins, Barn Owls, Turkey Vultures, nighthawks, Common Loons, native turtles, frogs and salamanders and their habitat associations.
  • Providing technical advice and training on survey techniques, species identification, and project development to agencies, schools, organizations and the general public.
  • Building, installing and monitoring hundreds of nest boxes for various birds and flying squirrels for research or where natural cavities are in short supply.
  • Implementing restoration projects to improve riparian and salmon habitats and monitoring their success.
  • Constructing fencing to protect a variety of habitats from livestock overgrazing and off-road vehicle abuse.

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